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Your Voice Matters

What you do – or don’t do – to help end atrocities in places like Sudan matters.  Remember, every voice counts and it’s okay if you’re not sure how to get involved.  Many of the groups cited below will show you how to do just that!

First recommendation would be to familiarize yourself with the issues that face Sudan.  Right now, we’re hearing about the genocide in Darfur - and this is as it should be.  But since the same regime that sponsored the two decade-long systematic destruction in Sudan’s south is behind the Darfurian crisis (and injustices in other regions of Sudan), we’d do well to connect Darfur to the south.  Take a look at the Hudson Institute’s Sudan Solution: Linking Darfur and the South.  Also, exploring the role of Sudan’s natural resources as it relates to foreign investment in the country offers significant insights into the ongoing regional conflicts.

Visit the websites of these non-governmental organizations and advocacy groups below for more comprehensive information.  Many of these will have a  “take action” link that’ll offer easy steps on how to contact legislators, host delegations, devise special events and undertake other simple but meaningful grassroots actions.

Amnesty International USA (www.aiusa.org)
EITI (www.eitransparency.org)
The Enough Project (www.enoughproject.org)
Genocide Intervention Network (www.genocideintervention.net)
Global Witness (www.globalwitness.org)
Gurtong Peace Trust (www.gurtong.org)
Hudson Institute (www.hudson.org)
Human Rights Watch (www.hrw.org)
Institute on Religion and Democracy (www.theird.org)
Oxfam International (www.oxfam.org)
Publish What You Pay (www.pwyp.org)
Res Publica (www.therespublica.org)
Save Darfur Coalition (www.savedarfur.org)
SudanReeves (www.sudanreeves.org)
STAND – a Student Anti-Genocide Coalition (www.standnow.org)
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (www.ushmm.org/conscience)

Here are just a few faith-based groups providing humanitarian aid, advocacy and development assistance among Sudanese communties both in the USA and in Sudan:

Aid Sudan (www.aidsudan.org)
Catholic Relief Services (www.crs.org)
Church World Service (www.churchworldservice.org)
Episcopal Church (www.episcopalchurch.org)
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (www.elca.org)
Friends Committee on National Legislation (www.fcnl.org)
Living Water International (www.water.cc)
Mennonite Central Committee (www.mcc.org)
National Council of Churches USA  (ncccusa.org)
Samaritan’s Purse (www.samaritanspurse.org)
ServLife International (www.servlife.org)
Union for Reform Judaism  (www.rac.org)
Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations (www.uua.org)
U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (www.usccb.org)
World Relief  (www.worldrelief.org)
World Vision (www.worldvision.org)

Other  Humanitarian Organizations

CARE (www.care.org)
International Rescue Committee (www.theirc.org)
Mercy Corps (www.mercycorps.org)
Save the Children (www.savethechildren.org)
UNICEF United States Fund (www.unicefusa.org)